• Question: mike omg we need the unfollow tracker back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please - u-rbanteens
  • Answer:

    Maybe soon.


I’m going to try to force myself to work on it this week. Even half an hour every day should get me close to finishing an update.

I wanted to bring something else up, though! While you’re all waiting for Tumblr Stalkr to adapt there’s a blog I think you might all like. It’s called I Woke Up to This. A friend of mine has an artist as roommate and he just draws the most ridiculous things in the middle of the night. It’s good entertainment. This is a favourite of mine.


I’ve been exhausted from work a lot lately. I’ve been having a hard time finding time to work on Tumblr Stalkr. I’m going to try to find the energy to work on it again, though.

I miss TS myself.

By the way, I really need to rebrand TS. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


But don’t worry, I’m reworking the guts of Tumblr Stalkr to avoid storing your information in my database. One guy actually suggested this idea to me literally a day after I came up with it myself. That guy’s pretty clever.

Anyways, I’m planning on using a draft to actually store your Tumblr Stalkr information. It’s actually a great idea because it solves a number of problems I’ve had.

  1. I’ve never been comfortable keeping strangers’ information in my own private database. It’s weird, I personally wouldn’t like that. So it’s nice that I’ll be able to keep the proverbial ball in your court (how do basketball references work?). It’ll always be a face off in your zone.
  2. People come to me and they want their information gone from my database. Now you can just delete the draft and move on. I don’t have to spend half an hour trying to remove your stuff from my bloated database. (Queries would take ten tries to complete because PHPMyAdmin would just time out.)
  3. Finally, I don’t have to store 40-whatever gigs of JSON data anymore. Hooray!
  4. If you’re savvy enough, you could actually back up your own data onto your own computer. That’s pretty cool! No more asshole friends deleting your draft because they’re asshole friends.

I have to admit that after work I’m finding it difficult to find the time to get to work on Tumblr Stalkr, but I’m definitely trying. I’m also taking this opportunity improve small aspect of Tumblr Stalkr to make it better as a web service overall. One of those changes I completed today was updating the CSS of the site and its HTML structure. I had a few screenshot sent to me of Tumblr Stalkr bugging out and I couldn’t help but notice that it looked fucking awful on some screens. That’s what I’ve gone about fixing. Your Tumblr Stalkr experience once it relaunches should be identical to other users’ experiences (provided you use a modern browser that isn’t a version of IE less than 9, because I absolutely refuse to put myself through hell for a passion project) regardless of your screen size. I’m also installing proper handling for those of you who have literally a bajillion blogs. There will be a “More” button you can click, instead of the blogs running onto a second line and looking stupid. A “logout” option was suggested to me a number of times, so I’m factoring that feature into my design choices. There’ll be a gear icon in the top right corner that opens up a drop down revealing a “log out” option. As well as a button that says “help” that will link to some questions I get asked a lot.

I’m sure a lot of you just want it back right now, these changes be damned, but I think it will be important for the overall health of Tumblr Stalkr. I need to do everything right to make everything right.


Oh, Susquehanna!: harrypaynus: uhm does anyone know another unfollower tracker besides...



uhm does anyone know another unfollower tracker besides TumblrStalkr?

#because MIKE JUST HAAAAD TO SHUT IT DOWN. #mofo. #i h8 u.

It’s more like my gracious hosts were letting me swallow up all of the available database space on my shared server. To be exact, I…


They were much appreciated!

Second of all, I don’t plan on being down long. I’ll aim for being back up next week, but I make no guarantees.

In the meantime, I’ve been seeing some people suggest XKit as an alternative. Check that out, if you’re interested!


The database is literally too big and it was affecting others on my shared hosting server. I’m working to fix that problem.


Basically, I think the issues are coming about because my server’s limited resources are causing longer load times which is in turn causing my server to kill those executing scripts because it doesn’t allow anything to run for a period of time.

Just… just need to figure that out.


They appear to be mostly due to heavy usage. I’m also really busy right now, but I’m going to try to find some time to debug and solve whatever’s going on. My recommendations for getting Tumblr Stalkr to work:

  • Never check on Sundays. Just don’t. For some reason, Sundays are the most popular days and there can be anywhere from 100 to 200 users on the site at once. That’s a bit much for my tiny shared server space.
  • Try checking in at spaced out intervals; don’t refresh constantly. I find thirty minutes to an hour between tries works just fine for me. Hopefully that can work for you.

Right now Tumblr Stalkr has been used on 80,000 blogs and these kinds of issues could keep arising as that number slowly grows. Most of these “outages” of sorts are caused by issues I could have never anticipated because I had never encountered them before. Tumblr Stalkr is both a tool and a learning experience for me.

I know this is inconvenient and really sucks, but I’ll try to get things back to normal-ish as soon as I can.